• Latin Life Radio on Radio West
    Thursday January 31, between 8 and 10pm, there is a Suzanna Lubrano Radio Special at Radio West and Latin Life Radio in the Netherlands, including Suzanna Lubrano live in the studio.

  • Radio performance
    Saturday January 26, Hilversum, Netherlands, Suzanna Lubrano live performance for TROS National Radio 2. If you are in the Netherlands you can attend the live broadcast at Podium de Vorstin in Hilversum, starting at 16:00 (4pm).

  • New shows
    New shows are being scheduled for the coming months. Shows already include: February 3 Mozambique, February 9 Mozambique, February 16 Mozambique, February 23 Mozambique, March 9 Paris, March 16 Toulouse. Details and other shows to be announced later.

  • The Hits Collection
    A phycical double CD, 'The Hits Collection,' will be in store in a number of countries as from next week. Suzanna Lubrano's 'The Hit Collection' contains 35 of her hit songs, from 1996 till today. It includes her latest smash hit 'Tardi Di Mas', recent songs such as 'Ca Bu Para' and 'Justify (I Try)', and many classic hits such as 'Pensa Na Mi', 'Razao d'nha Vida', 'Cada Momento', 'Nha Sonho', 'Tudo Pa Bo', 'Fofo', 'Recorda Pasado', 'Maz Um Vez'. 'Ignora', 'Talento', 'Festa Mascarado', and many more. For the moment, the album will only be available as a physical CD, since most songs are already downloadable on all digital music stores. 'The Hits Collection' replaces 'Best of Suzanna Lubrano Volume 1' and the never released 'Best of Suzanna Lubrano Volume 2'. If your a record store and wishes to have the CD's in stock, send a mail to for details for your country.

  • Kora Awards 2012
    Below is the personal message of Suzanna Lubrano on her Facebook pages, last week. 'The Kora Awards ceremony finally took place last night (December 30, 2012). Unfortunately, I did not win the award for Best African Female Artist of West Africa, an award which was won by Nigerian singer Chidinha. I congratulate Chidinha with her well deserved award !!! Of course we have to bear in mind that the public vote of over 160 million Nigerians is more powerful than the public vote of a million or so Capeverdeans living inside and outside Cape Verde. That was always going to be a hard job. However, it is great to be at Kora again meeting so many arrists and producers from countries as diverse as Burundi and Nigeria, Senegal and La Reunion, Central African Republic and Angola (I'm proud of you Shelby !!!). We Africans will start to cooperate more, creating new pan-African music platforms, so that Cape Verdeans can crossover to the Burundi market, Senegalese can crossover to the Angolan market, and so on. African music is big, powerful, and here to conquer the world!! Kora Awards were orginally scheduled to take place on saturday December 29, then it was rescheduled to monday night (31 December), because Chris Brown, who was going to attend Kora, did not get into the private jet that was chartered for him. At the end he and Rihanna landed in Abidjan early sunday morning, and Kora decided to do the Kora Awards show on sunday at 8 pm and the Chris Brown show before that at 1 pm. For various reasons, Chris Brown and Rihanna decided not to attend the Kora Awards ceremony in the evening, an act that many artists view as an act of disrespect for African artists and African music. Those African artists are now unable to enjoy New Years Eve with their families at home. However, it is still hard to know who is to blame for various failures at this years Kora, also because different media report different stories of what happened. We shouldn't judge now. But sooner or later we will surely learn what really happened. But one lesson is learned. We African arrists do not need Chris Brown to get recognition for our music around the world. We can do it ourselves!! Pictures of me at the Kora Awards will be uploaded later. We will continue to work on making African music big in Africa and around the world !! THANK YOU ALL FOR SUPPORTING ME AT KORA 2012 !! AND HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

  • Tonight on at RTP and TVM
    Tonight, saturday November 24, Suzanna Lubrano can be seen with a live concert on the tv networks RTP Africa, at 20:28 Portuguese time, and TVM in Mozambique, at 22:00 local time. Wherever you are, if you have RTP Africa or TVM in your TV Cabo package, or receive it in any other way, watch Suzanna Lubrano Live !

  • Kora Award Nomination for Suzanna
    Suzanna Lubrano has once again been nominated for the prestigious Kora All Africa Music Award, the African equivalent of the Grammy. Nine years ago, Suzanna Lubrano won the Kora Award for 'Best African Female Artist' of the year. This year, Suzanna Lubrano is nominated for “Best Artist of West Africa”. To get a chance to win the grand prize of “Best African Female Artist” of 2010-2012, Suzanna is first up against five other nominees in the “Best African Female Artist” category, including Senegalese Vivian N’Dour. “Best Artist of West Africa' is one of the 24 regional categories within the award ceremony. Nominees in other categories include Khaled, Magic System, D'Banj, Aster Aweke and Zahara. The Diaspora categories house names such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and Tanya St. Val, who have all been nominated. Kora Awards, founded in 1994 by businessman Ernest Adjovi from Benin, is considered the most prestigious pan-African music award, partly because they take maximum account of the great cultural diversity on the African continent. In earlier awards ceremonies, Nelson Mandela, Michael Jackson and Miriam Makeba have made an appearance. This year the awards ceremony will be held on December 29 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and will include an appearance by Chris Brown. With a music career of some seventeen years, Suzanna Lubrano is especially popular in Portuguese-speaking Africa and the global Lambada-Zouk and Kizomba dance scene. Her latest release, “Tardi Di Mas', is also a hit in several Francophone countries and territories in Africa and the Caribbean. Apart from Kora Award 2003, Suzanna has won numero us other music awards, including the Museke Online African Music Award 2010 for 'Best African Artist in Diaspora' and the Cabo Verde Music Award 2011 for 'Best Zouk' of the year. Several of her albums, have also reached gold and platinum status in Lusophone Africa.

  • Shows in Angola this weekend
    Coming weekend, Suzanna Lubrano will have three shows in Angola. Friday October 19, Cuando Cubango; Saturday October 20, Bié; Sunday October 21, Huambo. Check local media for venues. If you're around, make sure to be there!

  • Extra show in Saurimo today !
    Suzanna Lubrano thanks the audience in Saurimo for the great show last night. Today, sunday October 14, extra show in Saurimo, Lunda Sul, Angola. If you're in Saurimo, check the radio announcements for time and place !

  • Suzanna touring Angola
    Suzanna Lubrano is currently touring Angola. She arrived on friday October 12, had several TV interviews with TPA, and will perfom in Saurimo, Lunda Sul, tonight. More shows include Benguela and Bie. Details to be published later.