• Upcoming live shows 2016
    Upcoming live shows include April 2 (Great Yarmouth,UK), April 15 (Algarve, Portugal), April 16 (Algarve, Portugal), May 1 (London, UK), May 7 (Paris,France), May 14 (Lubango, Angola), May 28 (Ribeira Barca, Cabo Verde), June 4 (Lausanne, Switzerland), June 12 (Santo Antao, Cabo Verde), June 18 (Providence, US), June 25 (Boston, US), July 2/3 (Praia, CV), July 8/9 (Providence, US), August 6 (Mindelo, Cabo Verde), October 7 (manchester, UK), October 8 (London, UK), October 15 (Angola),  and many other dates to follow.

  • Suzanna Lubrano for Kora awards for ‘best female artist in West Africa’ as well as ‘Africa’s best album’
    Suzanna Lubrano sets her sights on the 2016 KORA all African music awards in Namibia after being nominated in categories 'best female artist in West Africa' as well as 'Africa's best album' with the catchy Afro-pop hits in her most recent album, Vitoria. For those of you who don't know about the KORA awards it can effectively be summarised as the African GRAMMY awards where people from all over the world vote for their favourite African talent and the winners take home all the fame, wealth and glory they could possibly imagine. I may have exaggerated the last part, but the KORA awards are a VERY big deal in the African music industry with a substantial cash reward up for grabs. These awards have been held annually in Africa since 1996, being the prestigious artist she is, Suzanna is no stranger to the KORA awards taking home the title of both Best West African Female and Best African Female for the event back in 2003; being the first artist ever born in Cape Verde to take this title. Suzanna once again prepares to take the show by storm with her newest Album 'Vitoria' soaring up the charts after its release in 2015, she personally considers Vitoria as her best album yet and it shows. We ask everybody to go to the KORA awards site linked below, register to vote and show your love and support for Suzanna. You can download her newest hit 'Stay' from Itunes or SoundCloud - Official Links - Itunes: Website: Youtube: Facebook: Twitter:

  • First 2016 show annoncements
    Confirmed shows. January 15, Tarrafal, Cabo Verde - January 30, London, UK - February 6, Paris, France -  February 14, Tete, Angola - March 18, Windhoek, Namibia - May 14, Lubango, Angola -  Other show confirmations to be announced soon,

  • Two KORA 2016 nominations
    Suzanna Lubrano is nominated twice for the 2016 Kora All Africa Music Awards, to be held in Windhoek, Namibia, on March 20, 2016. The nominations are for Best African Album of the Year and Best Female of West Africa.

  • Suzanna Lubrano CD collection now available to order online !!!
    You can now purchase the Suzanna Lubrano catalogue of new releases and the greatest hits online via Suzanna's TUMBLR account here Remember to check out Suzanna at the official Suzanna Lubrano website at

  • 7 tracks in Mozambique charts
    Eerlier this month, on one day 7 different Suzanna Lubrano songs had a position in the iTunes charts of Mozambique, a mix of old and new songs, including the recent release Paixão.

  • Show updates 2015
    October 23/Lausanne/Switzerland. November 7/Praia/Cabo Verde. November 13/Bissau/Guinea-Bissau. November 14/Bissau/Guinea Bissau. December 5/Luxembourg. December 11/Maputo/Mozambique. December 12/Nampula/Mozambique.  Other shows will be announced/confirmed soon.

  • Latest show news
    Earlier in September 2015, Suzanna presented her new album in New England (US) and London (UK). Coming Friday, Septenber 25, she will have an album presentation in Discoteca Luanda, Lisbon (Portugal). On October 3, Suzanna will present a new duet with Beto Dias in Club Glow in Portugal. In October and November, performances will take place in Cabo Verde (November 7 and November 21), Guinea Bissau (November 13 and November 14), Rotterdam (NL, November 30). Other shows in Mozambique, Angola, and elsewhere will be confirmed soon.

  • Duet with Yuri da Cunha
    A duet of Yuri da Cunha with Suzanna Lubrano has been released in May 2015. The song is entitled ´Sagacidade no amor´ and wil appear on Yuri das Cunha´s new album and on the ´Team de Sonho´ compilation album. A video of the song can be watched on YouTube.

  • 2015: Basel, Lisbon,, London, Maputo, Luanda, Mbanza-Congo
    New shows and presentations will take place in various places, including Basel (June 27), Lisbon (June), London (September 18), Angola (July, October, Novenber) and Mozambique (September, October).